Great Marques of Britain Hardcover Book

ISBN: 1600564428

In this carefully researched book, all the greatest British marques are described and illustrated, from Aston Martin to Rolls-Royce and Triumph. The history of each company is related, together with the competition successes, the people behind the company, and ofcourse the automobiles themselves. Each section is fully illustrated with dramatic vehicle portraits, contemporary photographs and action shots. In addition, many of the most important types are accompanied by detailed specifications and performance data. Compiled and edited by Jonathan Wood, a well-known contributor to motoring magazines and an expert on British automobile history, this authoritative book will be enjoyed by enthusiasts everywhere.

  • Title: Great Marques of Britain
  • Editor: Jonathan Wood
  • Publisher: Viscount Books
  • Number of Pages: 256
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Condition of book: All pages present, no major markings or damage. The dust jacket has minor wear.
  • Publication date: 1989
  • Country of publication: Great Britain
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