Illustrated M.G. Buyer's Guide by Richard Knudson

ISBN: 0879381698

Richard Knudson's Illustrated M.G. Buyer's Guide sorts out and details all M.G. models from the sports cars to the sedans, explains their quirks and troublespots, and rhapsodizes on theif fun. With a wide array of photos and intimateinformation, Illustrated M.G. Buyer's Guide is a must for the ownerand dreamer alike. Here's what the Abingdon spirit is all about - and why M.G.'s are among the world's best-loved cars.

  • Title: Illustrated M.G. Buyer's Guide
  • Author: Richard Knudson
  • Publisher: Motorbooks International
  • Number of Pages: 157
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Condition of book: All pages present, no major markings or damage. The cover has a bend & slight wear.
  • Publication date: 1983
  • Country of publication: USA
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Classification Softcover
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