Founded as a franchise of Jay Jays Stuff4Blokes in 1985 , but after termination of the franchise by Robert & Julius Punen (Jays Jays founders), Stephen Bisgrove transformed into "The Stuff4Blokes" totally independently operated.

1987 saw the opening of Erina Fair and trade dropped dramatically creating financial difficulties for the undercapitalized sole trader

Neville Davis, who had been a major supplier to the Stuff4Blokes recognized the potential of the retail operation and in November 1987 purchased The Stuff4Blokes from it's owner, Stephen Bisgrove.

Neville Davis, who had been an established fashion agent since 1978 made big changes to the supplier list and substantially increased the stock levels and standards. Establishing brands like..

  • Levis 501
  • Faberge Jeans
  • CORFU Jeans
  • Britannia Jeans
  • Odyssey Jeans
  • De Rango Jeans
  • LEE Jeans
  • Staggers Jeans by Joe SABA
  • Jeans One
  • Sunshine Shirts
  • Pinball

These provided a solid foundation for a core jeans trading business.

The trading entity "Neville Davis Fashion Marketing Pty Ltd" was established in 1978 for wholesale trading and agency operations, and continues at our present retail showroom at 2 Enterprise Close, West Gosford, NSW and stocks extensively ...

  • Levis 501 Button Fly
  • Levis 504 Zip Fly
  • Levis 603 Stretch Slim Leg
  • Levis 517 Slim Bootcut
  • Men's Riders By LEE Straight Leg Stretch Denim
  • Men's Riders By LEE Straight Leg Stretch Moleskins
  • Men's Mustang Straight Leg Stretch Denim
  • Weekender Moleskins

completes our men's wear line-up with waist up to 46 inch

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