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1:32 Forces of Valor German 88mm Flak 18 Anti-Tank Artillery Gun (With Flak 36 Cruciform)

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This is a superbly detailed 1/32 scale diecast replica of the German 88mm Flak 18 Anti-tank Artillery Gun with flak 36 cruciform used in North Africa 1942 from Forces of Valor's Real World Battle Hardened Machines series,

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Features Include:

  • Diecast metal materials used in cruciform, gun shield and barrel
  • North Afrika Korps editions with 8 highly detailed 1/32 scale figurines
  • Realistic sectioned-landscape display base\
  • Includes Sd.Ah.202 Bogies with rotating wheels
  • Authentic weathering effects
  • Flak gun rotates according to steering wheel movements
  • Flak gun elevates according to steering wheel movements

The German 88mm anti-tank artillery gun became infamous during WW II for its ability to not only target allied armoured units but also airplanes & warships. This led to the technology and design for the 88mm being worked into the Tiger tank series mighty weaponry.

In post post war intervious with allied troops, they claimed that the 88mm "Flak Gun" was an unfair weapon to be deployed in ground warfare.

There were 4 major phase variations of the FLAK gun that were issued model numbers 18, 36, 37 and 41. The 18's barrel was constructed from a single piece of steel. As the gun was mainly used for targeting aircraft, particularly bombers this turned out to be a major flaw as the fire rate rquired to hit and bring down allied aircraft would form cracks along the barrels surface. To counter this proglem the German army developed the 36 model with a sectioned barrel to help the longevity of the gun and the speed at which it could be repaired.

Due to supply shortages particularly when the war started to turn against the Germans, many combinations of cruciform were used together. For instance the flak 18 gun could be combined with the flak 36's cruciform or vice versa.

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