Bentley "The Racing Legacy" Le Mans Booklets 1927 1928 1929 1930 2003

Bentley "The Racing Legacy" Le Mans Booklets

This is a unique collection containing 5 commemorative celebratory booklets marking their 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930 and 2003 wins at the 24 Hrs of Le Mans races.

Bentley and Le Mans - there is no greater association of car and track in racing. We were at the first ever Le Mans in 1923, won the second and all bar two of the next six. Then, 73 years later, we did it again, proving that the talent, dedication and desire required to win this toughest of motor races once more exists at Bentley.

Then as now, Le Mans is a race configured to illustrate the design strengths of Bentley. To win Le Mans you have not only to be faster than anyone else but stronger too. It is the combination of speed and strength that created the Bentley legend and defines the marque as it is today. During the 2003 race, the Bentley Boys travelled as far as in 24 hours as a Formula One driver does in an entire season's racing. The Speed 8 accelerated to over 200mph over 1500 times, made 20,000 gearchanges yet spent just 28 minutes in the pits, five fewer than any other car in Le Mans history.

When Bentley announced our return to Le Mans late in 2000, it was clearly stated that it was a three year programme with victory the only aim. After two years development, during which the Bentleys proved to be fast and reliable, outright victory was achieved by Team Bentley on schedule and as promised in 2003. That moment, eighty years to the month after a Benley participated in the very first Le Mans, the last piece in the puzzle that has allowed the marque to return to her former glories, slipped neatly into place.

Features Include:

  • Limited edition of 500 
  • Numbered on back 
  • 5 x commemorative celebratory booklets containing story of the race as written and photographed by the press
  • Please note that the outer cover holding the booklets has some minor wear/signs of ageing

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Classification Softcover
Manufacture Adventureline
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