Great Marques: M.G. by Chris Harvey

ISBN: 0861785789

Chris Harvey, a renowned authority on the marque, describes the history of M.G. from the very beginnings to the current M.G. Metro saloon. As with the previous books in this highly successful series, there are more than 60 specially commissioned full-colour photographs of historyc cars, together with contemporary photos, action pictures, interiors and engines, plus detailed specification panels of the leading types. No one looking through the pages of this beatifully produced book could fail to come under the spell of the M.G. magic.

  • Title: Great Marques: M.G.
  • Author: Chris Harvey
  • Publisher: Octopus Books Limited
  • Number of Pages: 80
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Condition of book: All pages present, no major markings or damage. The dust jacket has a tear and some wear.
  • Publication date: 1985
  • Country of publication: Great Britain
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Classification Hardcover
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