Great Marques: Rolls-Royce by Jonathan Wood

ISBN: 0706418131 (1982) | 0861785797 (1989)

Car historian Jonathan Wood begins by explaining how Rolls-Royce was founded, and describes the early cars, dwelling on the most illustrious Rolls of all, the outstanding Silver Ghost. He follows this with early Phantoms, spectacular limousines with superb coachwork and interiors, the Phantom II being regarded by many as one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Then come the smaller but nevertheless noteworthy 20,20/25,25/30 and the Wraith, all of which consolidated Rolls-Royce's reputation during the inter-war years.

Some of the most interesting early Rolls-Royces were manufactured in the USA. These were no less appealing than their European counterparts, and several examples are featured, including the famous Brewster Playboy. Then there are the post-war Rolls-Royces, the huge Phantoms so beloved of royalty and heads of state; the Silver Wraith and Silver Dawn, with their unique flowing lines; those status symbol par excellence, the Camargue and Corniche, the hallmarks of success; and finally the latest Rolls-Royce, the Silver Spirit, refined, elegant, and an excellent example of modern engineering at its very best.

  • Title: Great Marques: Rolls-Royce
  • Author: Jonathan Wood
  • Publisher: Octopus Books Limited (1982) | Cathay Books (1989)
  • Number of Pages: 80
  • Cover: HARDCOVER
  • Condition of book: All pages present, no major markings or damage. The dust jacket & edges of hardcover have some wear. Some pages have some yellowing & discolouration but text is legible. Overall condition of the books is excellent.
  • Publication date: 1982 | 1989
  • Country of publication: UK
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